15 Cool Country Concert Outfits for Men

country concert outfits for men

Heading to a country concert but unsure of what to wear? There’s no shame in dressing for the occasion, and I’m here to help make it easier to figure out your fit for the night. So, bring out your cowboy boots and hat, and here are 15 super cool country concert outfits for men that you should take inspiration from!

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15 country concert outfit ideas for men

1. Cowboy hat, white tee, flannel, jeans, and boots

Go classic with this country outfit. You should have every part of this outfit in your closet already, and if you don’t, each item will remain a staple in your closet, making it a super versatile and economical outfit to have on hand, perfect for any country concert, such as a Morgan Wallen concert!

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2. Cowboy hat, white tank, leather vest, brown pants, and boots

If you want to put a bit of a twist on a classic cowboy fit, opt for a leather vest and some brown pants instead of denim and flannel. You’ll still look perfectly fitting in any country venue while adding a bit of flair.

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3. Flowy linen shirt and brown pants

If you want to match the color scheme of a country concert but don’t want to go all out with a hat, this is the fit for you! Style a comfortable and flowy linen shirt with a pair of brown pants to replicate this look.

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4. Brown cowboy hat, denim shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots

A big fan of denim? This is a great outfit to pull off for a country concert. Just grab a denim shirt and style it with a brown cowboy hat, jeans, cowboy boots, and a belt to match!

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5. Cowboy hat, brown suede leather jacket, jeans, and cowboy boots

If you’re heading to a country concert in the fall or winter, this is the outfit for you! The brown suede leather jacket suits pretty much any outfit and is the perfect accessory that will also keep you warm, especially during an outdoor concert.

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6. White tee, printed button-up, black ripped jeans, and boots

Want to go for a rocker country look? Replicate this outfit by styling a white tee with a printed button-up and ripped jeans. Keep that country flair with a pair of boots, and swap out the fedora for a cowboy hat if you want!

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7. Cowboy hat, white tee, cowboy belt, and jeans

There’s nothing wrong with a classic look. It’s easy to style, easy to wear, and super fitting for a country concert. Feel free to wear a cowboy hat with a different color of your choice. You can be more creative when it comes to color with this outfit.

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8. Cowboy hat, flannel vest, jeans, and boots

Here’s another outfit with a bit of twist on the classic cowboy look. Plus, the flannel vest will keep you cooler in the heat of the summer, allowing a little bit of a breeze to cool you down, which is perfect for an outdoor country concert.

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9. Bandana, button up, beige jacket, jeans, and boots

Instead of a classic cowboy hat, why not wear a bandana? Go for lighter colors to replicate this look, with a beige bandana and jacket, a light-colored button-up with a white tank underneath. Then, tie the look together with a pair of jeans and boots that match the color of your belt!

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10. Cap, loose shirt, jeans, and boots

Looking for a more casual look you can wear pretty much anywhere? Pair a loose shirt with a pair of jeans. Then, style the look with a hat of your choice and your favorite boots.

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11. Cowboy hat, red sweatshirt, jeans, and boots

This is the outfit for you if you’re looking for something cool and fitting to the occasion while looking effortless enough that you could easily fool someone that you’ve simply put together an outfit on the go.

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12. Cap, white graphic tee, and boot cut jeans

Another simple outfit you could wear to the country concert is this. Simply pair a white graphic tee with some boot cut jeans and style with a white cap and cowboy boots.

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13. Cowboy hat, graphic tank top, and jeans

Want to opt for a graphic tank top instead of a tee? Swap the tee out for a tank top and style it with your classic cowboy hat and a pair of your favorite jeans to replicate this outfit.

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14. Cowboy hat, denim jacket, orange bandana, brown pants, and boots

If you’re not afraid to stand out a bit from the crowd, this is a great look that’ll have people asking you about your fit! To replicate this, you’ll need to start with a base of a white tank and brown tailored pants. Then, put on some cowboy boots, hat, and a denim jacket. But this outfit is mostly about the small details in styling, so don’t forget to wear a bandana for a pop of color, some necklaces, and a belt to tie it all together!

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15. Black cowboy hat, t-shirt, leather jacket, jeans, and boots

What about an all-black look for a country rocker outfit that’ll have you stand out from the crowd? Wear black from head to toe and complete the look with a leather jacket.

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Wrapping up

And that’s it! Dressing for a country concert is super easy, as long as you’ve got some ideas in mind. Hopefully, you won’t be stressing in front of your closet, as you’ve already got 15 awesome country concert outfit ideas for men to get you started so that you can look good without even trying.

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