20 Hot Rock Concert Outfit Ideas

rock concert outfit ideas

Looking for the perfect outfit to wear to a rock concert? Well, I’ve got you covered! One of my favorite things about going to a concert (besides the concert itself, of course!) is dressing for the occasion. So, I’m here to help you feel your best and hottest in preparation for a super fun rock concert. Ready to dive into some inspo? Let’s get into it!

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20 hot rock concert outfit ideas

1. Graphic tee and shorts

Starting off with a classic look to a rock concert, you can simply don your favorite graphic tee or band tee and wear a pair of shorts. You can either wear the tee in an oversized fashion or tie it up and turn it into a crop top – up to you!

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2. Black cropped tube top and leather pants

Get ready to see a whole lot of black in terms of inspiration for the concert! In this look, pair a simple black cropped tube top with a pair of really fun leather pants. If the skinny look isn’t for you, a wide leg leather pant would go great with this outfit as well!

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3. Black mesh top and parachute pants

Another sexy look perfect for a rock concert is wearing a mesh top with a bikini or bra underneath. Then, to really lean into the rocker look, wear a pair of super comfy parachute pants!

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4. Cropped graphic tank, fishnets, and ripped jeans

Wearing a pair of fishnet tights underneath ripped jeans is a classic outfit combo you’ll find in rock concerts. Then, on top, you can wear a graphic tee of your choice!

This is a great choice for a punk rock concert outfit. Check out my post of Blink-182 concert outfits for more fits like this!

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5. Red corset top and black cargo pants

A really hot color combination you should play with for the rock concert is black and red. I love how sexy the red corset top is and how it plays so well with the grunge look of the black cargo pants!

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6. Cutout top, cargo pants, and high tops

The perfect combination of HOT and hip-hop, pair your black cargo pants with a sexy cutout top cut in all the right places. Then, tie it all together with a pair of Nike dunks!

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7. Tied-up graphic tee and black mini skirt

I love the juxtaposition of the sexy and feminine black mini skirt with a graphic tee. To really show off that cute skirt, tie up the graphic tee with a knot at the front.

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8. Mesh tank and cutout leather pants

Wear a black bra underneath a mesh tank top for the perfect rock concert top. Then, instead of wearing plain leather pants, wear one with some super fun cutouts for a more rockstar look.

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9. Super cropped black tee, sparkly top, mini denim skirt, and black boots

Mix and match a variety of different textures with this super fun outfit! Wear a sparkly bikini top underneath a super-cropped black tee (or cut one up). And pair that with a mini denim skirt and some black boots to tie it all together!

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10. White tank, harness, leather mini skirt, and platform boots

If you want to go for a bit of a bondage look, I’ve got you covered with this outfit! Start with a plain white tank, then put a harness on top of a leather mini skirt and some platform boots. I absolutely love this outfit!

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11. Oversized graphic tee, leather mini skirt, and boots

I’m a huge fan of oversized graphic t-shirts at rock concerts. Grab your favorite one, or purchase the one below, and pair it with a sexy leather mini skirt and a pair of boots for some fun juxtaposition of textures and styles.

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12. Star top and cargo pants

This itty bitty star top is a great choice if you want to wear something sexy and interesting to a rock concert. Then, put on some cargo pants to put the look together. If you don’t want to wear all black, the star top comes in various other colors as well!

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13. Red crop top and lace-up leather skirt

This is another great outfit if you want to wear black and red. Wear a standard form-fitting red crop top with a sexy lace-up leather skirt. You can wear pretty much any boot or shoe you want to tie this look together if you’re not a fan of thigh-high boots.

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14. Long sleeve white turtleneck with oversized graphic tee

Here’s another great oversized graphic tee look! Instead of simply wearing the oversized tee, if the weather is a bit chilly, wear a long sleeve white turtleneck underneath for some interesting layering.

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15. Graphic tee, black jeans, and flannel

This is another great rock concert outfit when it’s a bit chilly out. Instead of simply wearing a graphic tee with a pair of jeans, throw on a plaid shirt to give the outfit a little je ne sais quoi!

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16. White crop top and gray cargo pants

If you want to go simple but still look your best, this is the outfit for you! As a plus, with this outfit, you’ll be comfortable enough to rock your heart out without having to mess with your outfit at all. And that’s all while still looking super cute! All you need to wear is a white crop top and a pair of gray cargo pants, and you’re good to go!

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17. Oversized graphic tee with mesh top

This is the last oversized graphic tee rock concert outfit, I promise! But I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show this cute inspo photo of wearing an oversized top with a mesh top underneath.

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18. Black crop top, shorts, and red flannel

This outfit is a great all-black outfit with a pop of color for some contrast! Plus, it brings back that hot red and black color scheme. To copy this outfit, just wear a black crop top and shorts and wear a red flannel on top. Then, tie it all together with some cute thigh-high boots.

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19. Oversized leather jacket, lace corset, and jeans

This is the perfect rock concert outfit to wear in the winter! I love that you still get a hint of sexy with the black lace corset, but the oversized jacket you wear on top is to die for.

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20. Black corset top and leather pants

Two classic outfit pieces that are synonymous with a night out are a corset top and leather pants. Combine the two, and you get the perfect rock concert outfit!

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Wrapping up

These 20 rock concert outfits are a great start to figuring out what to wear. But ultimately, while I can inspire you all you want, what you wear is entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable in. The last thing you want is to be fussing with your outfit during the concert because you don’t feel comfortable. And no matter what you wear in the end, remember: If you feel your best, you’ll look your best, too!

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