30 Day Singer Review

30 day singer review

Sure, having natural talent helps if you want to be a pro vocalist. However, no one sings like a real pro the moment they’re born. It’s something you work on, and you perfect with practice. And among all the online singing course options, 30 Day Singer is the one that’s probably talked about the most.

This subscription-based service has been around for a while. It’s designed to help you build the fundamental skills and give you enough tools to move on to more advanced things. Although it won’t turn you into a professional singer in 30 days, it’s definitely a potent course option for anyone looking for a place to start or just further improve on the basics they’re already familiar with.

In this review of 30 Day Singer, I will go over everything you need to know about the online vocal lessons provider. So, let’s get into it and see what 30 Day Singer has to offer. 

Disclaimer:  I partnered with 30 Day Singer and have inserted partner links into this review. But don’t worry, this does not affect my review, and I would never recommend something to you that I wouldn’t use myself!

30 Day Singer

4.75 out of 5

What is 30 Day Singer?

30 Day Singer is a subscription service for vocalists looking for ways to improve their singing skills. It’s also somewhat customizable in the sense that you can choose different vocal coaches and learn what you’re interested in while focusing on the fundamentals.

The service has been around for a while now, offering beginners or somewhat experienced singers a way to improve their skills. Obviously, you won’t sing like a pro in just one month, but you’ll get your basics covered with it.

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30 Day Singer main takeaways

  • It’s a subscription-based service
  • Mostly focused on beginners and intermediate singers, for the most part
  • Includes multiple vocal coaches
  • Has a community forum for questions, discussion, and sharing experiences
  • Features additional lessons for ear training, music theory, and different techniques
  • Includes one-on-one sessions and personalized feedback from vocal coaches (paid separately)

30 Day Singer pros and cons

What’s great?

  • Great deal for the price
  • Well-organized and optimized lesson groups
  • It’s somewhat versatile and can be useful for singers in different musical styles
  • It’s a great option for beginners or intermediate singers
  • Awesome support options and a community forum
  • Easy to use

What could be improved?

  • Some lessons feel like fillers — you can find the same stuff online, free of charge
  • Not everyone is into subscription-based services, so that might be a turn-off for some

How much does 30 Day Singer cost?

One of the biggest draws of 30 day singer is that it is affordable, especially compared to professional, in-person singing lessons.

Free trial

There are two main models for using 30 Day Singer. One of them is free of charge. The other is a paid subscription. The free trial, however, is mostly a demo intended to lure you into purchasing a subscription. There’s still some great stuff to check out in the Free Lessons section that features some basics, and it’s actually incredibly detailed for a demo.

Monthly plan

As far as paid options go, you have a monthly plan and an annual plan. The monthly plan is a good choice if you only plan to use the program for a few months or want to try it out for a bit without committing to 12 months. This plan costs $29.95, and you can cancel it at any time.

Annual plan

Despite its name, the main plan for 30 Day Singer is an annual one. The price is $129 per year, which translates to around $10.75 per month.

So, what is included in 30 Day Singer?

The full version of 30 Day Singer comes with an abundance of content. There are many ways to look at it, especially with different vocal coaches. In this review of 30 Day Singer, I will explain everything for someone who’s just starting out as an absolute beginner. Just bear in mind that things change constantly for 30 Day Singer, but the fundamental rules are the same.

30 Day Singer has a well-structured and organized system, much like the online guitar lesson website Guitar Tricks.

Level one: The first 30 days

The Level One course is designed for absolute beginners or those who want to fill all the gaps in their knowledge and skills. In this section, you choose between two coaches. But the list of lessons and what they cover is almost identical.

There’s a collection of 30 lessons here, one for each day of the month. So, each lesson is intended to be completed in a single day. It starts with basic warm-up routines and ways to keep your voice healthy and to practice and perform safely without damaging your voice. There are also parts about proper posture, anatomy, dynamics, falsetto, and many other things.

At the end of this section, you’ll find some more practical lessons. This includes getting familiar with phrasing, dealing with confidence, and tackling live performance. Of course, you don’t have to go over it in 30 days, but it’s well-structured if 30 days is your timeframe for these basic concepts.

Level two: The second 30 days

Once you’re done with the first 30 days, or if you’re already familiar with those basic concepts, you can move on to the Level Two section. Once again, you can choose between two vocal coaches. However, they take somewhat different approaches. My advice would be to take your time, be patient, and go over both lessons. It may feel time-consuming, but both instructors offer valuable expertise and insight. 

This level has a lot of content about mixing and belting. When I say mixing, it’s not about mixing recorded audio but about mixing techniques and applying both your head and chest voice.

This level also covers vibrato, singing short 3-note riffs, singing major and minor scales, and harmonizing, and it even goes into song choice and memorization. So, as you can see, the section goes into some mid-to-high intermediate territories.

Advanced courses

Of course, covering these two levels in sixty days won’t make you an intermediate singer if you don’t have any previous experience and knowledge. However, if you take your time and thoroughly cover these parts, you can then move on to the website’s other sections.

Apart from the beginner section, there are three more groups of courses.

  • Ear Training and Harmony
  • Vocal Techniques
  • Style and Performance

Going Past Level 1 and Level 2

While reviewing 30 Day Singer, I found that it’s best to tackle the Advanced Courses in order, starting with ear training and harmony. This is the best way to make a strong connection between your mind and your voice.

If you ask me, these three programs after two beginner levels are crucial. They’re the best part of the 30 Day Singer course. The ear training is absolutely essential if you want to be a singer as it will help you sort out your pitch and even teach you how to harmonize melodies diatonically. 

Vocal Techniques

One of the most helpful and applicable sections in 30 Day Singer is the vocal techniques module. After finishing Ear Training, this is the next logical. There’s a lot to learn about control, breathing, and vibrato in this section. But it also goes more into belting and mixing, diving deeper into some basic Level 1 and Level 2 concepts. 

The program is long and very detailed, but its main goal is to help you have full control over your voice and prepare you for actual performances—all while giving you great practice routine ideas. 

Style and Performance

Finally, there’s the Style and Performance section. This is your “entry ticket” to becoming a professional singer one day and directing yourself into specific styles. Of course, this isn’t that easy to do since all great singers have their own styles. However, instructors on 30 Day Singer have a great approach to leading you into specific styles.

In other words, this final part of the program will give you more material to help direct your attention to finding your voice. On top of that, it’s designed to polish your singing skills further and teach you more about warm-up and practice routines.


Apart from this, 30 Day Singer website also offers a separate section for warmups. And interestingly enough, they’ve dedicated so much attention to it that they have a decent number of lessons and short courses in there. You’ll also see some of the previous live streams here, and they’re pretty fun and engaging to watch.

On the other hand, you can find most of these things as part of the already-mentioned courses. So you won’t be missing out a lot. Nonetheless, it’s still great to have all the warm-up-related stuff grouped in one section of the website. Just like with anything else on 30 Day Singer, it’s about systematization.


30 Day Singer currently has nine instructors. Some of them have just a handful of lessons on the website, while others have their lessons all across the platform. 

My take is that you shouldn’t focus that much on individual instructors but rather on programs that the platform offers. There’s only one exception — booking private lessons. Two instructors offer that — Abram Poliakoff and Camille van Niekerk. These are paid separately from your subscription. Sure, they aren’t cheap, but a one-on-one session can do real wonders for you if you’re serious about becoming a pro. The prices for these private lessons go from $50 to $150.

Final verdict: Is 30 Day Singer worth it?

If you want a short answer, yes, 30 Day Singer is totally worth it. Of course, don’t expect this to do magic — it only works well if you practice and stick to the lessons. But overall, it’s a great and not that expensive way to improve your singing skills.

Now, for the longer version. To provide the most honest review possible of 30 Day Singer, I think it is important to analyze all parts of the product to decide if it is a good option for you. There are a few things to consider here. Firstly, it’s important that you follow the program step by step. Even if you feel like you already understand the lesson, be patient and go through with it. Trust me, it will make sense once you’re done with Level 1 and Level 2 parts.

Secondly, although it’s called 30 Day Singer, it’s a program designed to work for about a year or so. So, if you’re a beginner wanting to really get good at singing, I’d highly recommend getting a full-year subscription and following the program.

Who is 30 Day Singer not for?

30 Day Singer is a great option for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced vocalists who want to hone their skills. But if you aren’t certain that you’ll be able to follow through with the program, I’d say that it’s just not worth it. It requires dedication and discipline.

30 Day Singer competitor comparison

Here is a quick comparison of 30 Day Singer compared with some other popular online vocal lesson providers.

30 Day Singer vs Singorama

Singorama is a bit different. It is not the same subscription-based model unless you go with their so-called Platinum Inner Circle. This subscription is $3 for the first month, and it’s then $27 per month.

Other than that, Singorama has two main groups of lessons called Singorama 2.0 and Superior Songwriting, costing $67 and $49.95, respectively. The main difference compared to 30 Day Singer is that these aren’t video lessons. Instead, they’re based on audio and written materials.

Personally, I prefer 30 Day Singer since it feels much simpler to use. But Singorama is also a good choice if you’re fine with their teaching model.

30 Day Singer vs Singeo

Singeo, on the other hand, is also video-based, at least for the most part. However, it offers much more flexibility regarding individual lessons and other material. You can purchase the full thing, which is $240 per year or $30 for the monthly subscription.

In my opinion, this is also an incredible course. However, once again, 30 Day Singer is more accessible, affordable, and simpler to use. You have all the lessons, and the full program is laid out a bit better for beginners. On the other hand, Singeo is excellent if you already have some experience but want to hone in on specific skills.

30 Day Singer vs Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method is another interesting singing course. However, it doesn’t offer nearly as much support or actual feedback compared to 30 Day Singer or any other options on the market. In fact, some have criticized them for this.

But what I disliked most about them is that their pricing is a bit misleading. It is not easy to understand the pricing and can be discouraging. This isn’t a bad program by any means, but it is less user-friendly and not as good of a choice for beginners when compared to 30 Day Singer. Everyone wants a well-defined and simplified program that you can use from start to finish without having to think too much about your next step.

Wanna Learn to Sing?

30 Day Singer is an effective an affordable online vocal coach!

Wrapping up

Here is the thing: you can’t become a singer, or pretty much anything, in just 30 days. So the name of 30 Day Singer might be somewhat misleading. But if we put that aside, it’s a great tool for anyone who’s serious about becoming a pro singer. Again, it won’t make you a pro in a month or even in a year, but it will cover all the necessary fundamentals and give you the tools to become one. Practice and patience are key, and the 30-Day Singer is here to direct you and help you out.


Does 30 Day Singer actually work?

30 Day Singer will definitely work if you follow the program and commit to the lessons. While it is not going to magically turn you into an amazing singer, it is an online course with a thorough educational program for beginners and intermediate singers.

Should you learn to sing online or in person?

Learning to sing through online courses or in person comes down to personal preferences. It’s widely accepted that in-person lessons usually offer a lot more. However, online courses, like the 30 Day Singer, offer a more cost-effective and flexible solution. 

How much is 30 Day Singer?

30 Day Singer is a subscription-based service with two main models. The monthly cost is $29.95, while the yearly subscription is $129. 

Can you skip ahead in 30 Day Singer?

You could skip ahead with lessons in 30 Day Singer. However, it’s highly recommended that you don’t since the program is designed to teach you in a very systematic way. Even if you feel confident about something talked about in the lesson, you should go through with it. Anyway, what’s wrong with a bit of a refresher?

Wanna Learn to Sing?

30 Day Singer is an effective an affordable online vocal coach!