Orange Crush 35RT Combo Amp Review

Orange produces some of the best-sounding amps on the market. From massive 100+ watt half stacks to 15-watt practice amps, they keep things simple and focus on sound quality. Although Orange amps originated in the 1960s with large tube amps, Orange has modernized and perfected the sound of its smaller solid-state amps. The Orange Crush 35RT Combo Amp is an affordable solid-state practice amp that packs a punch. But is the Crush 35RT worth it? How do its tone, volume, and features hold up compared to other amps on the market?

In this article, I will review the Orange Crush 35RT Combo Amp and explain why this 35-watt solid-state amp punches above its weight class.

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Orange Crush 35RT 35W Combo Amp rating

Orange is a big player in guitar and bass amplifiers. These amps have a reputation for lasting decades, and everything from their vintage original tube amps to their new solid-state amps is refined and sounds great. Orange Crush guitar amps are all solid-state and range in size from 12 watts to 35 watts. The 35-watt Orange Crush sounds great, has useful features, and is even loud enough for small gigs. This is one of my favorite practice amps, and you really can’t find a better amp at this price point.

Frontman Philosophy Score

4.5 out of 5

Tone: 5
Volume: 4
Features: 4
Price: 5


  • 35-watts
  • 15.75”x17.5”x9”
  • 25lbs
  • Solid-state
  • 10” speaker

What’s great?

  • Has a tube amp sound without the hassle of maintaining a tube amp
  • Comes with a built-in tuner
  • Very affordable
  • Loud enough for small gigs

Some downsides?

  • Footswitch sold separately
  • “Dirty” setting is a bit trebly


My score: 5 out of 5

30% of the total score

As solid-state amps go, the Orange Crush 35RT has a complex overall tone that lives up to Orange’s reputation. I’ve used this amp for recording sessions and live gigs, and personally, I love its sound. The Orange Crush is a versatile amp that can be used for many rock genres. Turn up the gain and get some of the beloved tube amp warmth. Click it to “dirty,” and it’s like you just stomped on a fuzz pedal.


My score: 4 out of 5

30% of the total score

Don’t let the size of the Orange Crush 35RT fool you. This amp can hold its own for practice, in the studio, or even at a live show. For such a small relative size, the amp packs a punch. I was thoroughly impressed with how loud the little thing got when I plugged my guitar into this combo amp and turned the amp up to 5.

The only reason I docked off a point is that at only 35 watts, you can’t realistically use this amp if you are playing with a full band. The drums will undoubtedly overpower the amp even if you are turned up all the way.


My score: 4 out of 5

20% of the total score

The features of this amp are great. I am not generally one to use the built-in features of an amp, but they kept it simple with the Orange Crush, and I like that. The built-in reverb works very nicely, and you can tell that the effect was not an afterthought.

The control knobs are precise and durable, and the amp comes with a “dirty” switch that essentially functions as a “fuzz” pedal. The “dirty” setting has an excellent distorted sound, But I wish it had a bit more power and more bass frequencies. Unfortunately, the footswitch to control the dirty setting is sold separately, which is why I knocked off one point for features.

However, the built-in tuner is an awesome feature that I use all the time.


My score: 5 out of 5

20% of the total score

I have no complaints about the price of this amp. At just $300, the Orange Crush 35RT is very reasonably priced. This guitar amp is perfect for musicians on a budget who need a decent amount of power. Without breaking the bank, you can get the classic Orange sound with the gorgeous-looking and sounding Crush 35RT!

Wrapping up

The Orange Crush 35RT is the perfect budget amp that is loud enough for most scenarios. If you want the sound of a classic tube amp for a fraction of the price, this is the amp for you.

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