45 Stunning Country Concert Outfit Ideas

country concert outfit

Country music has had an absolute resurgence recently, with even Beyonce herself coming out with her own country album! If you are heading to a country concert anytime soon, I’ve got you covered. Country concerts are some of the best events for dressing up. I mean, when better to wear those cute cowgirl boots or hats?

Today, I’ll go over 45 absolutely STUNNING country concert outfits you just have to take inspiration from.

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The 45 best country concert outfit ideas

White frilly mini dress

A white frilly mini dress is the perfect base for any country concert outfit. It’s cute, it’s flowy, and it goes with pretty much anything – including a pair of absolutely FAB cowgirl boots!

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White cowgirl boots

Another must-have item in your closet for any country concert is a pair of cute white cowgirl boots. These boots go with anything and instantly elevate an outfit and make the outfit perfectly country concert ready!

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Ripped denim shorts

Another basic but necessary item of clothing in any country girl’s closet is a pair of ripped denim shorts. If you’re feeling a bit cheeky (get it?), grab a pair that shows off a bit of booty. But there’s nothing wrong with covering up a bit more, either!

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Straw cowgirl hat

You definitely have your pick out there when choosing the right cowgirl hat for a country concert outfit, but I think a straw cowgirl hat takes the cake. It doesn’t overly overpower an outfit but instead ties it all together nicely.

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Oversized shirt dress

I think one of the best outfit ideas that goes perfectly with a straw cowgirl hat and a cute pair of white cowgirl boots is this oversized shirt dress. You can get a shirt dress in the color of your choice and still look cute.

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Long, flowy white dress

If a white mini dress is not for you, you can look just as cute with a long, flowy white dress like this one. You can accessorize it in the same way with cowgirl boots and a hat.

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Frilly black mini dress

If white is not the color for you, a cute mini black dress can be a stunning alternative. While you can still wear a straw cowgirl hat with this outfit, I would swap out the white boots for black ones!

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Black cowgirl boots

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered with the perfect black cowgirl boots as well. While white is a classic color for any country concert outfit, black cowgirl boots are better suited for certain color groups, including a cute black dress like above!

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Denim jacket

Is it still a bit chilly out? There’s nothing better suited for a country concert in terms of outerwear than a nice denim jacket. I love a good oversized denim jacket, but you can totally go for a cropped one instead if that’s your jam!

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Plaid shirt

Another country concert outfit idea for those chillier nights is a plaid shirt. You can easily wear it as an outfit on its own by tying it up, or you can wear it on top of a white crop top and jeans. Plaid shirts are super versatile, so find the option that best suits your style!

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Flared jeans

More of a jeans girl than a dress girl? I got you! You should wear a pair of flared jeans for that perfect country look. Plus, these jeans are not only cute but make your legs and booty look really good.

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Western Belt and Buckle

Another accessory you simply cannot miss out for the country concert is a cute country belt with a large buckle of your choice! You can wear this belt on your jeans, skirt, dress… whatever you decide to wear.

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Cute white top

Whether you wear a pair of shorts or flared jeans, the perfect top to go with all of that is a white crop top. You have your pick when it comes to the perfect white top, but for a country concert outfit, I recommend wearing something frilly with a bit of lace for that super cute country girl look.

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Boho maxi dress

If you want to wear a bit of color to the country concert, you should wear a beautiful, flowy bohemian maxi dress. Then, simply pop on your favorite cowgirl boots and hat, and you’re good to go!

For more country concert outfit ideas that involve a lot of dresses and color, check out our article on the best Taylor Swift concert outfits!

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White tiered maxi skirt

Want an effortless country look? A white tiered maxi skirt is your best friend. You can pair this skirt with your favorite top, and you’ll instantly look country concert-ready – especially with a pair of cowgirl boots and hat, too!

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Wrapping up

These 45 country concert outfit ideas should be all the inspo you need to dress up for the concert. Whether you’re two-stepping in traditional Western wear or rocking a modern twist on country chic, your outfit will definitely be one to remember!

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