15 Cute Country Concert Outfits for Women Over 40

country concert outfits for women over 40

Are you over 40 and looking for the perfect concert outfit to wear to a country concert? While you can still rock those denim mini skirts and crop tops, if you are looking for an outfit that you would feel more comfortable in, I’ve got you! Here are 15 super cute country concert outfits for women over 40 years old. And no, don’t worry; I won’t be suggesting frumpy frocks. Yuck! With these concert outfit ideas, you’ll definitely be one of the best dressed in the crowd.

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15 country concert outfit ideas for women over 40

1. Brown halterneck top, leather skirt, and leather boots

This outfit is cute and simple but it adds a lot of fun texture thanks to the fringe leather skirt! Wear a tight brown halterneck top to show off that figure, and top it all off with a cute pair of leather boots.

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2. White frock dress and black cowgirl hat

A white frock dress is a must-have fashion item in any woman’s wardrobe nowadays, as you can easily pop it on and create an outfit. It’s almost like a blank canvas that you can wear anywhere. For a country concert, of course, style it with a black cowgirl hat!

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3. Oversized graphic tee, cowgirl hat, and boots

An outfit I recommend for any country fan, no matter their age, is an oversized graphic tee. If you’re worried about it looking frumpy, the key to wearing an oversized tee as a dress is the styling. For a country concert, you’ll need to style it with a cowgirl hat and boots!

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4. Cowgirl hat, long-sleeved crop, and leather pants

Looking for a bit more of an edgy look for the country concert? I’ve got you covered! A pair of leather pants instantly elevates any outfit, and for the concert, pair these pants with a cowgirl hat and a long-sleeved crop top of your choice.

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5. Red dress, brown cowgirl hat, boots, and belt

Red and brown is a perfect color combination for a country concert, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd with a pop of color in a sea of white. This red dress is absolutely stunning, and the dress paired with the brown accessories is just *chef’s kiss.*

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6. Black tee, leopard skirt, and knee-high leather boots

I love a cute leopard skirt moment. Turn it into a country concert outfit by styling it with a basic black tee and some knee-high leather boots!

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7. Off the shoulder floral print mini dress, cowgirl belt, and boots

Of course, I won’t be able to get through this entire list of cute country concert outfits for women over 40 without mentioning an floral print dress of some sort! This is the unofficial uniform of a country concert, after all. Style this off the shoulder mini dress with a cowgirl belt and boots to complete this look.

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8. Orange slip dress, boho belt, and cowgirl boots

A slip dress can make anyone look immediately put together. While the dress itself might look a bit simple at first, once you style it with a boho belt and some cowgirl boots, the entire look comes together!

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9. Leather corset top, bootcut jeans, and blackfedora

This is another fun and edgy look that incorporates leather. Style a sexy leather corset top with some bootcut jeans and a black fedora for a fun country concert outfit for women over 40. If you want to accessorize a bit more, wear your favorite belt to give your waist a bit more shape!

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10. Flowy floral mini dress, black cowgirl hat, and belt

Here’s another cute country concert outfit idea for women over 40 that incorporates a flowy floral mini dress! But this time, style it with black accents, including a black cowgirl hat and a belt.

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11. White lantern-sleeve crop top, bootcut jeans, boho belt, and beige felt cowgirl hat

To replicate this country concert outfit for women over 40, grab a white lantern-sleeve crop top and pair it with some bootcut jeans for that classic country look. Then, to accessorize, wear a boho/cowgirl belt and a hat as well! I love that this outfit is classic, fashionable, and comfortable! What more could you want?

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12. Cowgirl hat, black tube top, and sparkly wide pants

Want to wear a bit of sparkle to the country concert? I don’t blame you! If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear this outfit combo of a black tube top with some sparkly pants. Don’t forget to wear a cowgirl hat of your choice to complete the look. I would personally swap out the beige cowgirl hat with a black one, but since you’re wearing all black, you’ll be able to pull off any color!

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13. One-piece denim jumpsuit, cowgirl hat, and belt

There’s no better place to wear denim than at a country concert! Instead of simply wearing jeans, take it a step further and wear a full one-piece denim jumpsuit. While you can certainly wear the jumpsuit by itself in warmer weather, if it’s a cooler night, you can wear a plain white shirt underneath. Then, pair it with a cowgirl hat and belt for the full look!

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14. Denim vest, white maxi skirt, and cowgirl boots

The white maxi skirt is having a moment and is super popular for a reason. You can wear one to a country concert by styling it with some denim, like this cute denim vest! Then, wear some cute white cowgirl boots to complete the look.

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15. White crop top, jean shorts, oversized shirt, straw hat, and bag

Looking for a bit more of a coastal cowgirl look? This country concert outfit is perfect for the heat of summer, as it’ll keep you looking cool and fashion-forward. To replicate this, wear a white crop top, denim shorts, an oversized striped shirt, and a straw hat. Tie it all together with the perfect bag to match.

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Wrapping up

So, there you have it! These 15 country concert outfits should be a great place to start for women over the age of 40. I truly hope that this post inspires you to get creative with your concert outfit so that you can have a hoot at your next honkytonk!

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