20 Fab Chappell Roan Concert Outfit Ideas

chappell roan concert outfit ideas

Whether you know her for her TikTok viral songs or you’ve been following her from the very beginning, there’s no denying that Chappell Roan is an absolute icon. If you’ve snagged tickets to see her perform on a big stage, I’m envious! The vibes, the songs, the performance… everything will be *chef’s kiss*. Plus, you’ll have the golden opportunity to dress to impress. If you’re not sure what to wear to the Chappell Roan concert, I’ve got you covered. Here are 20 fabulous Chappell Roan concert outfit ideas so that you can look and feel your best as you sing along to “Good Luck, Babe!”

While Chappell Roan releases themes right before her show, these are great options that will go with any theme she comes up with!

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20 Chappell Roan concert outfit ideas

1. Pink cowgirl hat, crop top, and sparkly skirt

Want to go all Pink Pony Club? Take that literally and wear this cute outfit composed of a pink cowgirl hat, white crop top, and a pink sparkly skirt. For shoes, wear a comfy pair of white sneakers to tie the outfit together while still being practical!

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2. Pink fluffy dress and white cowgirl boots

If you want to go for a more girly look still within the Pink Pony Club camp, this one’s for you. Grab yourself a fabulous pink fluffy dress and pair it with some white cowgirl boots to replicate this look.

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3. Pink tie-front crop top, satin skirt, and white cowgirl boots

If you want to go for a more mermaid-core outfit, go all pink with a tie-front crop top and pair it with a cute pink satin skirt. Then, of course, for shoes, you’ve got to wear a pair of white cowgirl boots!

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4. Sparkly two-piece set and skirt with cowgirl boots

Another great way to lean into the Pink Pony Club theme is to wear something sparkly and pink all over while accessorizing with some basic knee-high white cowgirl boots. This sparkly two-piece corset top is a winner in my opinion!

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5. Pink cowgirl hat, star bra top, tassel shorts, and cowgirl boots

What’s wrong with wearing pink all over? Lean into the pink theme by wearing pink from head to toe, including a hat, bra top, fun tassel shorts, and even pink cowgirl boots for good measure!

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6. Red lace bra, black rhinestone vest, black jeans

If you’re going for more of a “My Kink Is Karma” vibe, you know you’ve got to play to the black and red tones. This is a great look to show off that dominatrix in you by pairing a lacy red bra and black rhinestone vest with a pair of black jeans. Don’t forget to weave some black accessories to the fit to complete the look!

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7. Heart sequin top and shorts

This is another great outfit that takes the red and black “My Kink Is Karma” theme to heart. While I wasn’t able to find an exact match, I think the below outfit looks just as cute and fitting for the Chappell Roan concert! The cute heart sequin top matched with the black sequin shorts are sure to get you fast on the top of the best-dressed list of the night.

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8. White leotard, red coat, and rhinestone tights

If you will be heading to the Chappell Roan concert in cooler weather, boy, have I got the outfit for you! Pair a fun white leotard with a pair of rhinestone tights. Then, tie this look together with a red coat. If you’d like to stick to red and black, feel free to switch over the white leotard for a black one!

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9. Red cowgirl hat, black tank top, denim shorts, and red cowgirl boots

This is another Chappell Roan outfit with red and black, but this time, with a cowgirl theme! The great thing about this outfit is that it is casual and easy to wear while still helping you fit in with the campy Chappell Roan crowd!

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10. Red heart sunglasses, red tassel dress, and white boots

Want to wear something fun you can move around in? Wear a red tassel dress you can toss around from side to side as you dance to Chappell’s music! Style this dress with a pair of red heart sunglasses and some cute white booties.

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11. Colorful bikini with wrap skirt

Looking for more of a mermaid vibe? This outfit is super easy to put together as you’ll only need a fun bikini and a wrap skirt to replicate this look. Accessorizing is key here, so layer on some of your favorite necklaces, put on a cute belt, and wear some fun makeup. I think this is perfect, especially if you’re heading to see Chappell at a music festival!

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12. Leather corset, leather belt, and tiny red skirt

Why not take inspiration from Chappell herself and copy this concert outfit of hers? Really lean into the leather and red theme here and pair a leather corset and belt with a tiny red skirt!

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13. Red lace top, white shorts, and red boots

If you’re after an outfit that is cute and easy but still helps you fit into the campy crowd at a Chappell Roan concert, this is for you. Simply wear a nice red lace top and pair it with some white shorts. Tie the look together with some fun red boots!

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14. Red cowgirl hat, white tee, leopard skirt, and red boots

This is a similar outfit to the one above but with a slightly different font. Don a fabulous red cowgirl hat and some boots with a white tee and leopard skirt to replicate this look!

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15. Leopard print bodysuit, fishnet tights, and leopard print boots

This is another outfit inspiration from Chappell herself. Don a leopard print bodysuit and some leopard print boots for the perfect campy look. And accessorize with some fun fishnet tights!

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16. Pink sequin dress and white leather boots

This is a cute girly outfit with a Kpop vibe that still fits with the Chappell Roan concert vibe. A pink sequin dress is just campy enough and is an entire outfit in one, making it easier for you to style. Just pair this dress with some white leather boots for this look.

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17. Sequin top, denim shorts, fluffy pink coat, and white knee high boots

A bit of a chilly night? No worries! This outfit will keep you nice and toasty while still ensuring you are one of the best-dressed of the night. The sequin top, denim shorts, and knee-high boots are great outfits in and of themselves, but the fluffy pink coat really helps your whole look shine!

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18. Black corset top, camo mini skirt, and black heels

Some camo can be a great look for a Chappell Roan concert. Style a camo mini skirt with a sexy black corset top and some cute black heels for this look.

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19. Pink or purple fairy lingerie with white boots

There’s no reason why you can’t wear lingerie out in public, especially at a Chappell Roan concert! Wear purple or, rather, pink fairy-core babydoll lingerie paired with some white boots. This look makes for a great rave outfit as well!

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20. Pink cowgirl hat, white shirt, sequin skirt, and pink boots

If you don’t want to show off too much skin, this is a great look that keeps you semi-covered while still fitting in with the rest of the campy crowd. To replicate this look, wear an oversized white shirt with a sequin skirt. Then, accessorize with a pink cowgirl hat and boots.

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Wrapping up

Dressing for a Chappell Roan concert is part of the fun of seeing Chappell herself. Whatever you end up wearing, the only important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of fashion!

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