100 Super Fun Rave Outfits

rave outfits

Obviously, the rave itself will be the highlight, but one of the best things about the lead-up to the rave itself is figuring out your outfit! A rave is a GREAT excuse to get dressed up in a kaleidoscope of colors, sparkles, and downright crazy but super cute outfits that you would otherwise never wear! After all, you want to wear an outfit that all but screams, “Let’s party!”

If you’re not sure what to wear just yet, don’t worry; that’s where I come in. Here are 100 super fun rave outfits for you to take inspiration from!

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100 super fun rave outfit ideas

Holographic outfit

One of my personal favorite choices when heading to a rave is to wear a holographic outfit. It’s effortless, easy, and looks so put together as soon as you put it on. Plus, the material is super fun at night!

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Another super fun rave outfit you should absolutely consider wearing is chains. You can wear a chain top, a chain skirt, or a chain top and skirt set—what you choose is up to you! Either risk it and go nude underneath (if there’s enough coverage, of course!) or wear a teeny bikini to cover your bits.

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Butterfly outfit

A butterfly outfit is a classic for a reason. Plus, it’s just different enough that you should still stand out from the crowd in the best way possible. In my opinion, a cute and sexy butterfly outfit is one of the best outfits to wear for that perfect rave Instagram photo.

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Black one-piece swimsuit

If color is not your thing, this is the perfect black outfit for a moody rave look. Simply wear a black one-piece swimsuit over some fishnet leggings, and BAM! You’ve got a perfect rave look for the night!

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Rhinestone fishnet coverup

An easy but still super fun rave outfit you can put together in a matter of seconds is to wear a rhinestone fishnet coverup top, skirt, or dress and wear an all black bikini underneath. Don’t forget to accessorize the heck out of the outfit to really pull the look together! Since this is an all-black outfit, I recommend wearing some crazy fun makeup.

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Black two-piece

An absolute classic outfit you should always have prepared for any rave outfit is a black two-piece. A black two-piece is a great base for pretty much any accessory. You can dress it up as much as you want!

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Chain sequin outfit

I am absolutely IN LOVE with sequins, and there’s no better place to wear them than at a rave. The lights will bounce off the sequins beautifully, making you a downright spectacle! Plus, they’re super cute as a top, skirt, or even a dress!

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Fishnets are an absolute staple at any rave. While fishnet stockings are super popular, you can even switch it up and wear fishnet tops and coverups as well!

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Lingerie harness

One of the best accessories you can wear to elevate your rave outfit is a body harness of some sort. With this on, you’ll immediately look 100x sexier and 100x more ready for an all-day and all-night rave!

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White base

A lot of the outfits already mentioned have a black base, such as a black one-piece or a black two-piece, but if black isn’t for you, you can switch it out with a white base, which is just as cute and sexy!

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Colorful bikini

Don’t be afraid of a little color when it comes to dressing for a rave! And don’t be shy about wearing a bikini either! With a bit of accessorizing, the right bikini can really help you fit in while standing out at any rave.

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Sheer mesh

Looking for a nice coverup for your rave outfit for a little something different to add on top of your already awesome outfit? A sheer mesh coverup can be the perfect addition. It’ll keep you ever-so-slightly warmer while still showing off your amazing rave outfit.

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Bright neon colors

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, wear the brightest colors possible! Wear hot pink, lime green, electric blue… whatever color makes you feel the best. Bright neon colors are a great choice when it comes to outerwear as well, as they keep you warm but still super fun!

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Tie dye

What better place to wear tie-dye than at a rave? Grab your old tie dye t-shirt from the back of your closet, or buy something new with this super fun pattern.

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Revealing shorts

If you’re a big fan of wearing shorts, boy, have I got the rave outfit idea for you! Instead of wearing your basic jean shorts (which you can also totally do if that’s what you feel comfortable with!), grab a pair of sexy shorts like these!

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Star top

I love discovering wee little outfits that are super cute but also sexy for any rave. I’m in LOVE with this star top, which you can easily find in so many different colors and styles. You can also wear it with any bottom of your choice to complete your super fun rave outfit!

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Fun bucket hat

A fun bucket hat can make a world’s difference to your rave outfit. It’s the perfect accessory to keep your face safe from the sun but in a super cute and rave-appropriate way!

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If you want to dress like a shroom fairy for the rave, wear an outfit that screams mushrooms! You could wear a mushroom hat, a mushroom top, mushroom nip pasties… or anything else of your choice.

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Cowgirl hat

Do you want a more western rave outfit style? Then, wear whatever you want and pair it with the perfect cowgirl hat! Pro tip: If you want to stand out, instead of your classic cowgirl hat, go for something a bit more fun and fitting for the occasion. I mean, when else are you going to be able to wear a hot pink or sparkly cowgirl hat?

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Want to go boho? Then, wear a rave outfit with some fringe! You can wear fringe on any part of your outfit – your top, your cardigan, your skirt, or even your shoes!

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Wrapping up

As the beats fade away and the echoes of the night linger in your memory, remember that the magic of a rave goes beyond the music – it’s a celebration of individuality, creativity, and so much more! I hope these 100 super fun rave outfit ideas fueled your imagination and inspired your next absolutely fabulous rave outfit.

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