The Ultimate Music Festival Packing List for 2024

music festival packing list

Heading to a music festival this summer? A festival is one of the best ways to spend the summer with your friends. But once you’ve secured your tickets, it’s time to figure out what to pack. If you’re at a loss, I’ve got you! Here is the ultimate music festival packing list of 45 items so that you don’t forget anything important. I’ve even listed items you won’t even think about bringing until it’s too late!

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Festival essentials

Let’s start with the absolute essentials. Here is a good list of items you’ll start with, and we’ll build off from there.

Festival ticket

Of course, if there’s one thing you can’t forget to pack for the music festival is your festival ticket. If you don’t have it printed, make sure you have it ready on your phone. You may not always be connected, so make sure you take a screenshot beforehand.

Money and cards

Festival tickets don’t generally include free food and drinks, so bring money! Some cash can be a good idea, but don’t forget to bring your debit/credit card as well. Keep your money safe and on you at all times!


It’s always a good idea to have your ID on you anyway, but when you’re at a festival, they may check your ID upon entry. Plus, if someone decides to card you when all you want is a beer, and you don’t happen to have your ID on you? Well, that’s going to suck!


Another absolute non-negotiable when it comes to packing for a music festival is a phone. Festivals are huge, and you’re guaranteed to lose your friends at some point. So, keep your phone handy. Plus, you’ll want your phone to take photos and videos of this unforgettable festival!

Portable charger

You’ll be out and about all day. Plus, you’ll be filming. So, at some point, your phone is going to die, and there’ll be no place for you to charge it. So, carry a portable charger to solve this issue! A portable charger has honestly changed the game for me at festivals.

Fanny pack

Okay, but once you have all these absolute essentials with you, how do you keep it all safe? This is where a fanny pack or bum bag comes in handy. This way, you can keep all your essentials close to your body and safe.


Earplugs can help protect your ears when you are listening to the music. I recommend getting specialty concert earplugs so that you can still fully enjoy the music without damaging your eardrums. Furthermore, earplugs can come in handy if you are camping, as you’ll be able to plug them in and drown out some of the noise outside.

Festival camping essentials

You don’t camp at all festivals, but at the ones you do, you’re going to want to pack the following:


Of course, first things first, if you want to camp, you’re going to need a tent. Opt for a lightweight tent you can easily set up. Alternatively, go for a hammock if there are trees in the camping area.

Sleeping bag

It can get freezing at night, so bring a lightweight but warm sleeping bag that will keep you cozy until the morning. Make sure it is comfortable as well.

Air mattress

An air mattress is an absolute must to provide an extra level of comfort. I used to sleep in tents without one, but an air mattress has completely changed my life. If you simply don’t have the space to bring an air mattress, at least bring a sleeping mat.


To get a proper night’s sleep, you’re going to want a pillow to rest your head after a long day. In fact, I’ll take it a step further and say you should bring a proper fluffy pillow instead of one of those blow-up camping ones.

Trash bags

Leave no trace! Don’t forget to take your trash back home with you. Bring some trash bags to make it easier to transport it all back home.


A flashlight is going to be your saving grace when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Plus, it’ll come in handy if you want to chat with your friends after the sun goes down, as it’ll provide a source of light.

First aid kit

You never know what you’ll need, so pack some first-aid essentials. I always recommend packing some bandaids, headache pills, stomach pills, as well as an antiseptic or antibiotic cream of some sort.

Camping chair

You’ll want your camping chair to eat, to chat, and to rest. You’ll be thankful you brought one to the festival.

Kitchen supplies

To pack the right kitchen supplies, first, determine what meals you’re going to cook. For example, if you want coffee, you’ll want a coffee machine, and if you’re going to heat up some meals and cook a bit, you’ll need a camping stove.

So, first, make a list of the meals, and then start determining what kitchen supplies you’ll need to pack.

Don’t forget your cutlery!

Dish soap and sponge

To wash up all your kitchen supplies after use, bring some dish soap and a sponge to clean it all up.


A blanket can be a great source of warmth at night. But it can also come in handy during the day so that you can chill on it whenever you’re tired and need a break. This is a great option for festivals that don’t allow camping chairs.


You can’t forget your toiletries while at the music festival! It’s no secret that you’ll be pretty gross by the end of the festival, but you can still try your best to be as hygienic as possible with the help of these must-have festival toiletries!

Toilet paper

Toilet paper tends to run out pretty quickly at festivals – no matter if it’s a single-day festival or a several-day festival. So, bring enough toilet paper to last you the entire festival!

Cleansing wipes

You may not always get a chance to shower during the music festival, so bring some cleansing wipes to wipe any grime away.


Oral hygiene is important! Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush.


And, of course, you shouldn’t forget your toothpaste as well.


Your tent neighbor will thank you if you bring deodorant to the music festival.


Planning on wearing make-up to the festival? If you are, don’t forget to pack what you need. But only pack what you need, as you won’t be wearing as much makeup as you think!

Microfiber towel

I love microfiber towels, as they roll up really small and dry super quickly.

Dry shampoo

To keep your hair in tip-top condition, bring some dry shampoo. This is especially important if you have an oily scalp.


If there’s one toiletry item you absolutely MUSTN’T forget, it’s sunscreen. Sunburn and sun poisoning are not fun at all! Load up on the sunscreen before spending an entire day out and about. Plus, that sunburnt look is not cute.

Lip balm

I made the mistake of forgetting lip balm at my last festival, and I will not be making that mistake again! There’s nothing that kills your vibe more than chapped lips that you can’t fix.

Bug spray

Hot weather brings bugs, and since you’ll be outside all day, bring some bug spray to prevent the mosquitoes from eating you up!


Now that you’ve got most of the basics packed, it’s time to figure out what clothes to pack for the festival!

Festival outfit(s)

First, prepare your festival outfits ready. Lay them out with their accessories, and make sure you pack each outfit.

Not sure what to wear to the festival? I’ve got a whole post on music festival outfit ideas!


Since it’ll likely be sunny during the festival, bring a hat to protect your face and eyes from the glaring sun.


A pair of sunglasses will prevent you from squinting all day. You can also bring a few pairs of super fun sunglasses that will complete your entire festival look! Two birds with one stone!

Warm clothes

Bringing warm clothes is just as important as your fun festival clothes. It’ll likely get cold at night, so make sure to bring warm clothes you can snuggle in at night. There’s nothing worse than being cold when you’re trying to sleep!

Comfortable clothes

Similarly, don’t forget to bring some clothes that are comfortable. Most festival fits are not going to be the most comfortable thing to wear all day, so you might want to bring a change of clothes in case you’re not ready to commit to the discomfort.

Comfortable shoes

You can wear uncomfortable clothes if you want, but one thing you shouldn’t sacrifice is a pair of comfortable shoes. You’ll be up on your feet all day for several hours, so wear comfortable shoes! If a pair of heels is a part of your outfit, only wear them for the photos, but switch them out the first chance you get. It’s not worth it!


What I love about the bandana is that it can be useful for so many situations. You can use one to get your hair out of your face, you can tie it around your neck, and you can even tie it around your face to protect yourself from any dust.

Extra socks and underwear

Of course, if you’re staying a night or more at the festival, don’t forget to pack extra socks and underwear – enough to last you the entire festival!

Rain jacket or poncho

You generally can’t bring an umbrella to a concert, so make sure to make a rain jacket or a poncho instead. Rain can come at any point, so it’s best to be prepared in case of a downpour.

Other things to pack for a festival

Here are some final things you should pack for the music festival!


It’s important to keep hydrated at a music festival! While you can buy water at the festival, it’s just much cheaper to bring your own. If the festival you’re attending does not allow you to bring in any water, buy a reusable water bottle that you can hang around your neck so that you can keep hydrated all day.


Whether or not you can bring in food will also depend on the festival, but if you’re camping, food is essential! At the very least, bring snacks, coffee, and breakfast.


Again, not all festivals may allow coolers, but if you’re camping, a cooler is non-negotiable at the campsite.


There are not a lot of situations in which it is considered completely socially acceptable to cover yourself head-to-toe in glitter. So, go crazy! Buy some biodegradable glitter, and go ham!

Temporary tattoos

You should also buy a pack of temporary tattoos and cover yourself with them! Fun temporary tattoos will also be a hit with your friends and any tent neighbors you may have.

Glow sticks

While not an absolute essential, I always bring a few glow sticks with me to festivals. They’re always a big hit with friends and strangers alike.

Playing cards

You won’t always be up and dancing, so when you’re having some downtime with your friends, a deck of playing cards will come in super handy. You can play a million different games that will keep you entertained for as long as you need.