20 Amazing Ed Sheeran Concert Outfit Ideas

ed sheeran concert outfits

If you’re heading to the Ed Sheeran concert, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is what you’re going to wear! After all, this is a night you’re going to remember for the rest of your life, so it’s important to look as good as you feel. Plus, those photos you’ll undoubtedly take of your outfit will deserve a spot on your Insta feed.

So, without further ado, here are 20 amazing Ed Sheeran concert outfits you should totally take inspiration from for this special night!

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20 Ed Sheeran concert outfit ideas

1. Oversized graphic tee, white shirt, and thigh-high boots

If you want to look like the perfect combination of cute, sexy, and super comfortable, this is the look for you! Pair a graphic tee over some thigh-high boots. And to keep warm, if it’s not quite summery enough, wear a white shirt or turtleneck underneath.

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2. Black bra, star mesh top, and denim mini skirt

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this outfit. Simply wear a black bra, bralette, or corset of your choice. Then, to dress it up perfectly for the concert, throw on this super cute star mesh top, and tie it all together with a denim mini skirt. Casual, flirty, and fun!

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3. Graphic tee and black mini skirt with slit

A wardrobe staple every girl should have in your closet is a black mini skirt – even better if the skirt comes with a sexy slit! I love pairing this skirt with something with a very different vibe, such as a graphic tee.

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4. White corset top and cargo pants

Now, it’s time to pair two items of clothing I’ve been in love with this season: corset tops and cargo pants. They’re cute, effortless, and look absolutely stunning, especially when paired together.

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5. Black bralette, mesh tee, and leather mini skirt

If you want to look a bit more on the edgy side at the Ed Sheeran concert, try out this outfit. Wear a black bralette or bra and wear a cropped mesh tee on top. Then, wear a leather mini skirt for that perfect edgy look – almost fitting for a rock concert. Try to find one with a slit if you can!

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6. Oversized graphic tee and mesh long sleeves

I love the idea of a graphic tee at an Ed Sheeran concert, as it’s effortless, easy, and super cute if styled in the right way. For this look, grab an oversized graphic tee and wear a mesh long sleeve underneath.

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7. Black tank top and denim mini skirt with Y2K belt

For a Y2K look, scroll no further. This outfit is cute and simple, but super fashionable – especially when paired with the right accessories. I love that most of these pieces you should be able to scrounge from the bottom of your own closet!

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8. White tee and overall shorts

For a super cute summery fit for the concert, wear a basic white crop top. But instead of pairing it with some shorts, grab some overalls to wear something just a bit different. Tie it all together with a cute belt to cinch in that waist!

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9. Black tee, printed midi skirt, and Dr Martens

Looking for a feminine outfit with a bit of an edge? I love wearing my Dr Martens with pretty much any outfit, and in my opinion, there’s nothing better than wearing these combat boots than with a nice flowy skirt. Then, top it off (get it?) with a basic black tee.

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10. Flowy white top and shorts

You can wear pretty much anything you want with a pair of shorts, and you’re all set to go to the concert. But I LOVE this flowy white top. It gives the entire outfit a bit of femininity the shorts are missing.

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11. White cropped tank top and flowy boho pants

If you want to go for more of a bohemian look, I’ve got you covered. Just grab a super fun pair of flowy boho pants. And since the bottom half of your body will already be pretty busy, just pair it with a basic white or black cropped tank top.

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12. Lacy bralette, denim shorts, and flannel

You can never go wrong with a simple black lacy bralette and a pair of denim shorts. Then, if it happens to be a bit of a chilly night, wear a flannel on top or tie it around your waist.

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13. White crop top and cargo pants

This outfit is great if you’re looking for something simple but cute to wear. The key to this outfit is to accessorize with your favorite jewelry, bag, and maybe a pair of sunnies as well.

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14. White tank top, jeans, flannel, and cap

This outfit combines elements from the previous two outfits. While each piece is super simple and casual, put it all together, and you’ve got an Insta-worthy outfit perfect for the concert if you’re looking for a no-frills and comfy look.

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15. White long-sleeved crop top and check mini skirt

This preppy look is not only cute but also really easy to put together. Both elements of this outfit, the white long-sleeved crop top and the check mini skirt, is super cute on their own, so when you put them together, you’ve got the perfect outfit for the Ed Sheeran concert.

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16. White crop top, distressed jeans, and letterman jacket

You’ve got elements of all sorts in this one outfit. You’ve got sexy and feminine with the white crop top, you’ve got cool girl with the distressed jeans, and you’ve got tom boy with the letterman jacket. I love these three elements put together. And with the right accessories – you’ll look Pinterest-perfect!

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17. Tie-front top, jeans, and Dr Martens

This is a super cute outfit you could wear to pretty much any occasion after you wear it to the concert. But even though it’s pretty casual, it’s very cute and put together.

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18. Beige blouse and black shorts

Want a more of an adult and classy look for the Ed Sheeran concert? Wear an oversized beige blouse over a pair of shorts of your choice. You can wear any shoes you want with this outfit, but I do love the Dr Martens contrasting against the rest of the look!

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19. All beige cap, tank top, and sweatpants

Probably one of the most comfortable outfits you could wear to the Ed Sheeran concert is something like this! But even though you would be wearing straight-up sweatpants, you would still look super cute as you would be color-coordinated from head to toe. This outfit is almost like one you would wear to a Tate Mcrae concert!

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20. Black tee and midi leather skirt

This is the ultimate cool girl outfit at the Ed Sheeran concert. Wear a black tee and tuck it underneath a super cool midi leather skirt with a slit. To tie the look together, wear any shoes of your choice. You could wear boots, Dr Martens, or some comfy vans.

If you want more ideas of what to wear to the concert, you should check out my ultimate concert outfits guide!

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Wrapping up

And there you have it! Here are 20 awesome Ed Sheeran concert outfits you should totally consider for the night. While the music is certainly important and will definitely be the highlight of the night, wearing the perfect outfit can you put you in the right mood and mindset to enjoy the night as best as you can. Plus, you’ll look cute while you’re at it!

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