20 Awesome Tate Mcrae Concert Outfits

tate mcrae concert outfits

Probably one of the biggest stars right now is Tate Mcrae. I mean, I personally can’t wait to see her live, either! But while we are waiting for the day she arrives in our cities during her world tour, it’s time to prepare some HOT outfits to wear to the Tate Mcrae concert. You know she’s going to be serving, so you can’t show up short!

If you’re not sure what to wear, I’ve got you! Here are 20 amazing Tate Mcrae concert outfits you should wear or take inspo from.

20 hot Tate Mcrae concert outfit ideas

1. Cap, cropped tee, and sweatpants

The thing I love most about this outfit (besides the fact that it is super cute and super fitting at a Tate Mcrae outfit) is that it is effortlessly chic and oh-so-comfortable. You’ll be able to dance and sing your heart out wearing this while still looking super cool! For the cropped look of the t-shirt, simply tuck in the tee underneath a bra.

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2. Black crop top, shorts, and oversized shirt

I’m in love with the idea of wearing athleisure in order to go see Tate Mcrae. After all, Tate herself manages to look super sexy while wearing the comfiest of outfits. So, maybe take a page out of her book for this one.

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3. Graphic tee and mesh chain shirt

Graphic tees are another great idea for a Tate Mcrae concert. I always love an oversized graphic tee moment, but pair it with something really different like a mesh chain shirt underneath, and the outfit is just *chef’s kiss*.

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4. Black corset top and baggy vintage jeans

I’ve always been a huge fan of the juxtaposition of wearing two different items of clothing with entirely different vibes. Take this outfit, for example. A black corset top is elegant and sexy while the baggy vintage jeans give off opposite vibes, but for some reason, when you put the two together, you end up with a really cool and cohesive outfit!

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5. White crop top and baggy jeans

There’s something so cool and effortless about wearing a simple top and a nice pair of jeans. As long as you carry the outfit well, you can instantly look like the coolest person in the room. And since this outfit is so simple, you can dress it up and down however you want with the right accessories.

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6. White corset top and cargo pants

If there are two things I love most in fashion right now are corset tops and cargo pants. This goes back to what I was saying about the juxtaposition of two seemingly opposite styles of clothing meshed together to create a super HOT outfit just like this one with the white corset top and cargo pants!

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7. Football jersey

One thing you should absolutely consider wearing when going to a Tate Mcrae concert is an oversized football or sports jersey of some sort. Who knew your boyfriend’s sports jersey could come in handy for a concert?

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8. Racing jacket

If it’s a bit chillier outside, a type of jacket I would highly recommend wearing to the concert is a racing jacket. Racing is all the rage nowadays, so why not funnel your new love for this sport with a racing jacket styled perfectly with slick-backed hair and some cute sunnies?

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9. White crop top, black sweatpants, and flannel

Another effortless but chic outfit is wearing a white crop top paired with black sweatpants and a flannel on top to tie it all together. If you really want to recreate this outfit (I mean, why wouldn’t you?), you should also pop on a pair of Jordans. This outfit is not only cute but also super comfortable – perfect for dancing the night away to some of Tate’s music!

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10. Black sports bra, shorts, and oversized denim jacket

This is a cute outfit that I could see myself wearing in so many situations, including the Tate Mcrae concert. I love versatility when it comes to a concert outfit since it’s not just a one-and-done! Plus, this outfit is super cute and looks put together.

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11. Black hoodie, shorts, and leather thigh-high boots

Channel this Ariana Grande-esque outfit by pairing a black hoodie on top of a top of your choice and mini black shorts. Then, instead of wearing any old shoes, slap on some sexy leather thigh-high boots for the perfect concert outfit!

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12. Cropped racer jacket, denim mini skirt, and thigh-high boots

If you’re looking for an outfit that will really have you stand out from the crowd, this is the outfit for you! Pair a cropped racer jacket with a super cute black denim mini skirt. Then, wear some sexy thigh-high boots to complete the outfit!

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13. White sports bra, jean shorts, oversized jacket, and leather boots

For this effortless Tate Mcrae concert look, wear a white sports bra with some jean shorts. But what really makes this outfit is the oversized jacket and the leather boots!

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14. Oversized sports jersey, denim skirt, and leather boots

This is another super cute outfit utilizing an oversized sports jersey. While your boyfriend’s would work best, you can easily find one online too. Then, pair that with a cute denim skirt and some leather boots.

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15. White oversized hoodie and thigh-high boots

If you’re not a big fan of wearing darker colors, this is a great alternative. Instead of wearing black all over, go for white and wear an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt with some cute white thigh-high boots to match.

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16. Black crop top and sweatpants

Do you want to go for a more hip-hop look for the Tate Mcrae concert? If so, this is the outfit for you! Wear a super cute black crop top of your choice and a pair of fun sweatpants to replicate this outfit.

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17. Pink bra and baggy jeans

And if you want to head to the concert with a pop of color, you can wear a nice bra and pair it with a pair of baggy jeans. The best thing about this outfit is that you can wear a bra or sports bra in pretty much any color of your choice – not necessarily pink!

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18. Black bra or bikini top and basketball shorts

For this outfit, instead of wearing a sports top, switch it up and wear sports shorts instead! Since the basketball shorts are pretty baggy already, balance the outfit by wearing a tiny black bra or bikini top.

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19. Orange bandana and white scoop-neck bra

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this outfit combo. You can basically wear whatever you want with a white scoop-neck top, but pair it with an orange bandana on your head for a different and fashion-forward look. Then, tie the look together with your favorite jeans.

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20. Basketball jersey and Jordans

And, of course, to finish off this Tat Mcrae concert outfits post, one outfit I simply can’t forget is a basketball jersey! If your partner happens to have one, you’re in luck! But if not, you can easily get one online. And just wear some Jordans to really tie the look together.

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Wrapping up

I hope you’ve now got an idea of what you want to wear to the Tate Mcrae concert. But in the end, I can give you all the inspiration you want, but what you choose to wear is up to you and what you feel best in!

If you’re after some more concert outfit inspo, check out my posts on the best rock concert outfits and Karol G outfits for more ideas that may also work at a Tate Mcrae concert!

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