25 Concert Outfits for Men: What to Wear to a Concert

concert outfits for men

While you wait for the concert date to arrive, one thing you’ve got to prepare beforehand is your concert outfit. There are plenty of inspiration and ideas out there for women when it comes to concert outfits, but what about men? I’ve got you covered! Here are 25 really cool concert outfits for men if you’re not sure what to wear.

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25 concert outfit ideas for men

1. Linen shirt and cargo pants

Any decent wardrobe should include a linen shirt in any color. Linen shirts are great as they can elevate any outfit without trying too hard. Just pair the shirt with some black cargo pants to replicate this look.

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2. Bucket hat, linen shirt, and gray shorts

Here’s another outfit that utilizes a linen shirt. But instead of cargo pants, style it with a bucket hat and some shorts for the perfect summer concert outfit for men.

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3. Black tank top and sweatpants

Want to go for a cool all-black look? This is the look for you! Go classic and clean by pairing a plain black tank top with some matching sweatpants. The best thing about this look is that you can style it however you want!

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4. Oversized graphic tee and cargo pants

What I love about a good graphic tee is that it looks effortless and cool. Especially if you get one oversized for a more modern fit. Plus, you can wear it with any type of pants and look good.

This is a great look for a Drake concert. Head over to my Drake concert outfit ideas and scroll down to find more fits for men, specifically for a Drake concert!

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5. Fedora, striped shirt, and cutoff denim shorts

If you want to go a bit more bold in terms of fashion, grab yourself a fedora. Then, wear a striped shirt and some cutoff denim shorts to complete this look.

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6. White tee, flannel, and black cargo pants

A classic outfit that is perfect to wear to any concert is this combination of a white t-shirt and some black cargo pants. But to add a bit of flair, style this outfit with a flannel shirt on top.

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7. Black bucket hat, printed shirt, and shorts

Want to bring a bit of festive flair to your outfit? This is the perfect outdoor concert outfit that you might want to consider for a festival. To replicate this outfit, grab a black bucket hat, a printed shirt of your choice, and some shorts!

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8. White graphic tee and camo pants

This is the perfect outfit if you are heading to a rap concert, but it is versatile enough that you could wear it to a concert of any genre! All you need is your favorite white graphic tee and a pair of camo pants.

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9. White tee, beige shirt, and black jeans

What I love about this outfit is that you can easily put it together with items you’ll likely already find in your closet. You can swap out the beige shirt for really any shirt in a color of your choice.

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10. Polo shirt and chinos

A polo shirt may not be for everyone, but if you want to look more put-together, this is a great outfit choice. Wear the polo shirt with some comfortable chinos for this look!

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11. Skull graphic tee and ripped jeans

For a rocker and emo look, nothing suits better than a pair of ripped jeans. Style the ripped jeans with a graphic tee that’s probably hiding in the back of your closet. But if you don’t have one, just shop below to replicate this outfit!

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12. White tank top, boxy striped shirt, and brown chinos

Looking for a more relaxed look that still makes you look put-together? This is the concert outfit for you! But don’t worry; it’s still easy to replicate. Just grab white tank top, a boxy striped shirt to put on top, and some brown chinos.

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13. Baseball cap, oversized white tee, and black cargo pants

I think this outfit is perfect for something like a Karol G concert but is versatile enough that you could wear it anywhere! Fashionable, but effortless – the ideal combination. Just wear a classic oversized white tee with some black cargo pants. Style this basic outfit with a baseball cap to elevate it just a bit more for a great concert outfit for men.

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14. White tee and white-washed cross jeans

You can easily elevate a plain white tee with a good pair of pants. In this case, wear super cool white-washed gothic jeans with cross patches over them.

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15. Linen shirt and cargo shorts with tote bag

Want to wear something simple but fashionable? Try this outfit! All you need is a linen shirt and some cargo shorts. If you’ll be out and about all day, a tote bag can come in handy as well.

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16. White tee, gray hoodie, and denim shorts

If you feel like rocking some knee-length jorts, this is the outfit for you! Style the jorts with a white tee and a gray hoodie for the perfect street-style look you can easily wear to any concert.

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17. Beige cap, oversized gray tee, beige shorts

This is another great beige outfit fit for a concert. Plus, it’s super comfortable and easy to move around. Just style an oversized gray tee with some beige shorts and wear a cap to match the shorts.

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18. Black cowboy hat, t-shirt, and jeans

Something simple but perfectly fitting for a country concert (maybe you’re off to see Morgan Wallen?) is this outfit combination of a black cowboy hat, a simple black t-shirt, and a pair of your favorite jeans. You should be able to pull this outfit from your closet, but I’ve got you with the items below if you’re missing anything!

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19. Pink cap, t-shirt, and track pants

If you’re not afraid to wear a bit of color, try out this outfit, complete with a pink cap, a white t-shirt, and some pink track pants. Feel free to swap out the pink for any other bright color of your choice, such as orange or red.

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20. White hoodie, denim jacket, and black track pants

Looking for the perfect winter concert outfit for men? I’ve got you! A white hoodie is a classic you should already have in your closet. To replicate this fit, style it with a denim jacket and some black track pants.

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21. Cowboy hat, flannel shirt, belt, and jeans

For that perfect cowboy look for a country concert or outdoor concert, wear a flannel shirt and your favorite jeans with a cowboy hat and a matching belt.

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22. Hoodie, black puffer vest, and cargo pants

Another concert fit that’s likely to keep you warm but still fashionable during the winter months is this. Wear a hoodie of your choice and put a puffer vest on top to add some warmth and dimension to your outfit. Then, put on some cargo pants to complete this look.

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23. Black tee and leather pants

Why not go all out for the concert and wear some leather for that rocker look? Style the leather pants with a plain black tee to balance the look.

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24. Printed button-up and white pants

Looking for a clean and crisp look but still want a bit of flair? This is the outfit for you! Wear a printed button-up and style it with some clean white pants for the ultimate cool-guy look.

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25. Knitted summer shirt and linen pants

A knitted summer shirt is a must-have in any modern man’s closet. It’s cool, it’s breathable… and it looks good! If you’re heading to a summer concert outdoors, style the shirt with some linen pants so that you can stay nice and cool while still looking good.

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Wrapping up

And there you have it! 25 concert outfit ideas for men so that you can look and feel your best when seeing your favorite artists on the stage. Whether you’re dressing for a rap concert or a country concert, I’ve got you fully covered (pun totally not intended)!

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