12 Gift Ideas for Bassists

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As the holiday season arrives, you’ll likely be seeking the perfect gift for many people in your life. If you are looking to buy a present for a bass guitarist, you may wonder, what truly resonates with bass enthusiasts? If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that finding a good gift for any musician can be a challenge. But fret not! I’ve got you covered with these 12 top-notch gift ideas for bassists.

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1. Jamplay Bass Subscription (Best overall gift)


5 out of 5

Price: $9.99/mo or $50.04/year

Music is a lifelong learning experience, where one can never learn enough. So, choosing an online lesson subscription is always a good gift for a bassist. Jamplay, in collaboration with TrueFire, offers online courses and other educational services for guitarists and bassists in its packages. It offers two subscriptions. One is the All Access subscription, which consists of all the lessons for guitar and bass playing.

The other is the All Bass Access, which includes everything about bass playing. Since you are looking for a gift specifically for a bassist, I recommend choosing the All Bass Access package. 

Bassists always love to improve and learn new techniques and methods, and that’s the primary reason why they’d love this as a gift!

Reasons to buy it

  • Access top-notch bass resources: You gain exclusive entry to JamPlay PLUS TrueFire’s extensive Bass Course Library, featuring over 130 courses, 4,000+ tabs, standard notation, and Guitar Pro files.
  • Multi-angled videos: This subscription gives you access to tens of thousands of multi-angled video lessons that give you a more interpersonal and comprehensive experience of playing the instrument. This lets you see from many angles and set the right hand/arm position and body posture.
  • Enriched learning environment: With this subscription, you can immerse yourself in 2,000+ jam tracks, lead sheets, and insights from over 50 experienced bass artists and educators. Additionally, there are other helpful tools for progress tracking, personalized recommendations, and community engagement.

2. Geddy Lee’s Beautiful Book of Bass (Best bass book)

Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass
  • Hardcover Book
  • Lee, Geddy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 408 Pages - 12/18/2018 (Publication Date) - Harper (Publisher)

There’s no other learning experience better than learning from a book! Geddy Lee is a legendary vocalist and bassist known for his band “Rush,” which has amassed a huge cult following since its inception in the 1960s.

Geddy has put all his knowledge and expertise of his instrument, the bass guitar, into this book and has covered all styles and tones of bass and how to play it. 

Check out my guide on the best beginner bass guitar books for more book recommendations.

Reasons to buy it

  • Definitive bass collection showcase: Geddy Lee’s book covers about 250 different bass instruments, encompassing a wide spectrum of tones across various music genres, from rock to jazz, pop, country, and blues.
  • Insider insights and interviews: Featuring personal commentary from Geddy Lee himself, along with interviews with iconic bassists like Robert Trujillo, Adam Clayton, John Paul Jones, and others, this book offers a unique perspective on the instruments and their significance in rock history.
  • Comprehensive exploration and extras: Written in Geddy’s distinctive style, the book includes a detailed history of basses, an index, a graphical timeline, and an exclusive peek into Geddy’s own basses from Rush’s R40 Tour, as well as stage and recording gear spanning almost five decades, making it a great gift for bass enthusiasts.

3. Vox AmPlug 2 bass headphone amp (Best budget gift)

VOX AP2BS amPlug 2 Guitar/Bass Headphone...
  • Connections: headphone out, aux in
  • Power supply: AAA batteries x 2
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 3.39 x 3.15 x 1.22” (86 x 80 x 31mm)
  • English (Publication Language)

A headphone amplifier can be a very valuable tool for bassists. The idea is simple. You take the amp, connect it with your bass instrument, and connect your headphones or earphones to the amp. 

The Vox AmPlug 2 bass headphone amp is designed specifically for bass guitarists and is a perfect gift for any bass guitarist. This is a product that many musicians wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves but will definitely come in handy!

I cover some good headphone and battery powered amps in my curated guide on the topic.

Reasons to buy it

  • Portable bass amplifier: The Vox AmPlug 2 Bass is a compact headphone amp designed specifically for bass guitarists, allowing for portable and private practice sessions without disturbing others.
  • Variety of tones and effects: The device has gain, tone, and volume controls, three amplifier voicings, built-in effects like chorus, delay, and reverb, and nine built-in rhythm patterns.
  • Convenient and user-friendly: Its plug-and-play design and 180-degree convenient and foldable rotation make it easy to use. You can simply plug it into your bass, connect your headphones, adjust the settings, and start playing, making it an ideal on-the-go practice companion.

4. Boss GT-1B Bass Multi-Effects Processor

Boss GT-1B Bass Multi-Effects Processor
  • Bass Multi-effects Processor with 24-bit Processing
  • 32 Seconds of Looping
  • 90 Effects

Bassists, and all musicians for that matter, love discovering and playing with different effects and tones. The Boss GT-1BMulti-Effectss Processor is a great tool for adding and experimenting with various digital effects to your instrument. 

Essentially an affordable and toned-down bass version of the Boss GT-1000, the GT-1B is a great gift for beginner bassists and those just diving into the realm of effects pedals. The multi-effects unit has 90 effects, 32 seconds of looping, a pedal, and high-quality 24-bit processing. Any bassist would love this as a gift! 

Reasons to buy it

  • Expressive playing with pedal: From classic modulation and distortion to contemporary reverbs and dynamic filters, its pedal allows for expressive control over diverse effects movements.
  • Intuitive and compact design: The device has an interactive screen, controls, and buttons that let the bassist select different effects settings and browse through the menu of tones.
  • Performance-ready tool: It provides an extensive range of high-quality effects from distortion to delay to reverb, amp models, and customizable presets, empowering bassists to shape their sound and create dynamic performances both in the studio and on stage.

5. Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit 

Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit (P04114)
  • All-in-one instrument care system
  • Includes everything for string changes and set-ups
  • Handy carrying case

It is extremely important for all guitarists and bassists to maintain their instruments. The Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit can be a convenient arsenal of tools, especially for professional bassists who travel and record. This kit will help a bassist make string changes, adjust the action and intonation, maintain the truss rod, and more. It’s essentially a high-utility bass-care tool kit that your bassist companion would find truly helpful and valuable.

Reasons to buy it

  • Comprehensive maintenance: This Tool Kit simplifies the process of tweaking, caring for, and fixing the bass/guitar. It is specifically designed for bassists and guitarists and includes tools like a string cutter, peg winder, and various hex wrenches, precisely crafted for maintaining bass components. This keeps your instrument in prime playing shape.
  • Reliable and sturdy: Ernie Ball’s reputation in the music industry ensures durable, dependable guitar accessories. The tools in this kit are built to endure regular use and last a long time.
  • Portable and compact: Packaged in a compact, zippered pouch, this toolkit is easy to carry to gigs, rehearsals, or wherever your bass journey leads. It’s a convenient companion for bassists on the move.

6. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO (Best gift for studio bassists)

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphone, Black
  • High ambient noise attenuation
  • Accurate, linear sound reproduction
  • Soft earpads for a comfortable fit
  • Folding and rotating earcups for space-saving transport

The HD 280 Pro headphones are great headphones for bassists who want to monitor their recordings. These aux headphones also have an awesome sound quality, perfect for casual listening. I recommend them because of their versatility for all studio, jamming, practicing, and live purposes. This is also a very safe gifting option, as a great pair of headphones is always helpful!

Reasons to buy it

  • Isolation from noise: These headphones excel at isolating external noise, allowing bassists to focus on their playing without distractions.
  • Comfort for extended sessions: Having used these headphones myself, I can attest to their design, providing comfort even during long practice and recording sessions.
  • Built to last: With a 2-year warranty and durable construction, these headphones are a reliable and enduring gift choice for any bassist.

7. Mogami Gold Cable (High-quality bass cable)

Mogami Gold INSTRUMENT-10R Guitar...
  • Hear the true sound of your axe! Low-coloration design maintains the...
  • High-density shield eliminates electrical noise, Carbon-impregnated...
  • Made with Mogami 2524 high-definition instrument cable
  • If you are serious about your music, this cable is for you

A cable can make or break the sound of an instrument, and bass instruments are no exception. A good and reliable cable is a highly valuable investment! Mogami makes some of the highest-quality guitar and bass cables on the market and are built to last. So, if you want to treat a bassist to a gift they will use on a daily basis, this is a solid option. 

Check out my guide on the best instrument cables for more options.

Reasons to buy it

  • Quality craftsmanship: Mogami Gold Cable guarantees a noise-free, transparent tone owing to its durable construction. Moreover, Mogami stands behind its product, offering a lifetime warranty.
  • Built to last: Designed for the demanding environment of live performances, this cable is robust enough to endure frequent plugging and unplugging. Its advanced shielding technology minimizes interference, preserving the authenticity of your bass’s sound.
  • Superior sound transmission: Featuring high-quality copper at its core, this cable ensures impeccable conductivity, allowing for the transmission of the bass’s full range of frequencies. This instrument cable delivers high-definition sound, perfect for the sound profile of a bass guitar.

8. Bass guitar strings (The easy gift for bassists)

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound...
  • Ernie Ball Bass Slinkys are played by legendary bands around the world...
  • Regular Slinky’s 50-to-105 gauge is one of the most popular 4-string...
  • Rich, balanced tone
  • Element Shield Packaging prolongs string life and keeps strings as...

Other bass string brands

While definitely the least personal of the options on this list, strings are always appreciated and come in handy. Bass guitarists need to change their strings every month or two for the best playability, comfort, and tone. Hence, every bass guitarist will love a few sets of strings.

Reasons to buy it

  • Consistent performance: These bass strings offer reliable tonal consistency and playability, ensuring a consistent sound every time you pick up your bass.
  • Diverse range: With various options tailored for different playing styles and preferences, these strings, especially the NYXL bass strings, cater to the needs of all types of bassists, whether you prefer a bright, punchy tone or a deep, rich sound.
  • Long-lasting durability: These strings are built to endure extensive playing sessions, maintaining their quality and tone for an extended period, reducing the frequency of string changes.

9. Hercules GS415BPLUS (Best bass guitar stand)

Hercules GS415BPLUS AutoGrip System...
  • The folding built-in Auto Grip System safely locks the instrument in...
  • The attached N.I.N.A. (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment, HA301) are...
  • The Instant Height Adjustment Clutch with Locking Pin adjusts stand...
  • Specially Formulated Rubber Foam fully protects the instrument at all...

If the bass guitarist you want to gift something to doesn’t already have a solid guitar stand, they will love this! Even if they have a guitar stand, the Hercules GS415BPLUS AutoGrip System Guitar Stand may still stand as an innovative solution designed to hold bass guitars securely while providing convenience and peace of mind.

Reasons to buy it

  • Automatic grip: The AutoGrip System ensures a secure hold on the bass guitar, automatically closing and adjusting to its size when placed on the stand, minimizing the risk of accidental falls. This will keep the bass guitar safe!
  • Versatile compatibility: This stand accommodates various bass guitar shapes and sizes, offering a universal fit for most instruments and providing stability and support.
  • Sturdy construction: Crafted with durable materials, this Hercules stand offers robust support for your bass guitar, safeguarding it from potential damage while displaying it elegantly.

10. Lekato Bass Strap and Dunlop Straplok (A comfortable gift for bassists)

LEKATO Bass Guitar Straps for Electric...
  • 🎸 Special Comfortable Material: LEKATO guitar straps fashionable...
  • 🎸 Perfectly Balanced: The bass guitar straps 3" wide shoulder pad...
  • 🎸 Easy to Adjust : Comfort edge webbing without any prickle or...
  • 🎸 Good Safety Performance : The guitar strap ends feature top-grade...

This gift is a two-in-one, as you’ll be gifting the bassist a comfortable strap along with strap locks to secure the instrument. I recommend the Lekato Bass Strap paired with Dunlop Straplok because of the combination of comfort, aesthetic, and security it offers bassists. The Lekato guitar strap has memory foam padding, alleviating shoulder and back pressure caused by heavier instruments. Add on the protection offered by the Dunlop Straplok, and you have a golden combination!

Reasons to buy it

  • Balanced support: With a 3″ wide shoulder pad, this bass guitar strap evenly distributes instrument weight, reducing strain during extended play, providing a comfortable experience, and fostering musical passion.
  • Adjustable convenience: Featuring comfortable edge webbing and adjustable length (45 to 55 inches), this strap caters to all guitarists, offering a perfect fit for men, women, and even younger players.
  • Great pair: The Dunlop Straplok’s 360º groove and ball design, along with its case-hardened steel skin and tested durability up to 800 lbs, complement this versatile strap. With a traditional design strap button and model number SLS1503BK, it’s a reliable choice for bass guitars.

11. Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner (Practical gift idea)

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal with...
  • Guitar Bass Tuner Pedal with High-Brightness Mode f Outdo Visibility
  • 21-segment LED Meter
  • Drop Tuning Suppt
  • Guitar/Bass Mode

The bass forms the bed of any arrangement or song. So, I cannot understate how important it is that the instrument is in tune. In fact, out-of-tune bass notes are more audible than any other instrument.

Bassists need a precise and high-quality tuning pedal that they can rely on. Boss Chromatic Tuner is exactly that and would be a perfect gift for any bassist who doesn’t already have one of these iconic pedals.

Reasons to buy it

  • Bass specialization: The tuner comes with two modes: guitar and bass. Since bass instruments lie at a low frequency range, you need to have a tuner that is sensitive to that frequency range. In the “bass” mode, this machine gives accurate readings. 
  • Versatility and toughness: Boss TU-3 comes in a robust stompbox housing with a durable 21-segment LED meter that supports various instruments, including 7-string guitars and 6-string basses, along with a Guitar Flat mode for alternative tunings.
  • Convenience: The tuner has Accu-Pitch Sign function for visual confirmation, +/- one cent accuracy, and automatic muting during tuning sessions.

12. Xvive Wireless Guitar System (Unique gift for bass player)

Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System...
  • 【2.4GHz Clear Signal Transmission】Dual transmitters (U2T) allow...
  • 【Less Than 5ms Latency and Last Longer】no lag or no signal loss....
  • 【Workmanship and Widespread Use】 220° rotatable plug design, Use...
  • 【Plug and Play】Take it out of your case or pocket, plug it in,...

A wireless guitar system allows you to connect your instrument to an amp without a lengthy cable. The Xvive Wireless Guitar System offers bassists a convenient and hassle-free alternative to cables. The bassist simply needs to plug in this chargeable device on their instrument and amp or the mixer/audio interface, and then the guitar and amp/interface will communicate freely through wireless transmission. 

Reasons to buy it

  • Seamless dual guitar support: With dual transmitters (U2T), this system facilitates the wireless use of two bass guitars, allowing effortless switching between instruments for diverse setups. The sturdy U2T transmitter ensures ease of use during performances with intuitive controls.
  • Minimal latency & extended performance: The device has less than 5ms latency and consistent signal, boasting an effective outdoor range of around 90 feet, successfully navigating through walls. It supports up to 4 channels simultaneously and includes a rechargeable lithium battery, offering up to 7 hours of continuous playtime after a full charge, ensuring reliable performance throughout your shows.
  • Superior craftsmanship and versatility: Featuring a 220° rotatable plug design and constructed with top-grade materials, this system has undergone rigorous drop and 5000+ pull-in tests. Additionally, it is compatible with most electric guitars, bass instruments, keyboards, and other musical gear equipped with a pickup.

Wrapping up

There are lots of gift options out there for bass players. Beginners will enjoy books, courses, and other educational materials that help them improve their skills. For more advanced bassists who play live shows, I suggest gifting them strings, tool kits, cables, etc.

Looking for some ideas for a guitarist friend? Check out my guide on the best gifts for guitarists!

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