20 Awesome Blink-182 Concert Outfit Ideas

blink 182 concert outfit

Are you off to see Blink-182, one of the greatest 90s punk bands of all time? Once you’ve secured your tickets, it’s time to start thinking of ideas of what to wear to what will be one of the best nights of your life! Don’t estimate the power of an outfit. A really cool outfit can really make you feel confident so that you can rock along to Blink-182’s greatest hits. So, without further ado, here are 20 awesome Blink-182 concert outfit ideas!

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20 Blink-182 concert outfit ideas

1. Super cropped graphic tee, lace bra, and leather pants

You can’t get any more grunge than this outfit! To replicate this outfit, grab any graphic tee and cut it up to make it super cropped. Then, wear a sexy lace bra underneath. And tie it all together with some leather pants to stand out from the crowd!

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2. Black lace cami, white button-up tee, and black denim shorts

I am honestly in LOVE with this outfit! I’ll probably wear something like this myself for the Blink-182 concert. It’s simple, chic, and the perfect concert outfit. The individual elements all work well on their own, but when you tie it together, you’ll definitely be one of the best dressed of the night. Don’t forget to wear a black belt to cinch in that waist!

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3. White crop top and leather pants

This is another great outfit with leather pants. But instead of wearing black on top, contrast the color and wear a cute white crop top of your choice! For shoes, you can wear your comfy converse or some cute booties.

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4. Brown corset top and black jeans

If leather pants are not your thing, I’ve got you covered with this super cute look involving some comfy jeans and a sexy corset top! One of my favorite color combinations is brown and black, and this outfit just proves how well these two colors mesh.

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5. Bodycon dress and cropped denim jacket

More of a dress girlie? Then, wear a super cute bodycon dress of your choice (if you don’t have one, check out the link below!) and pair it with a nice cropped denim jacket to keep warm during the night if it’s still chilly out!

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6. Oversized tee, black bustier, and thigh-high boots

This is the outfit for you if you want something easy to wear but still looks incredibly put together. A plain oversized tee may not be much, but worn with the right accessories, such as a black bustier and thigh-high boots, and you end up wearing a pretty sexy outfit that looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into it.

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7. Leather mini dress

A leather mini dress can be a fashion statement all by itself! The great thing about this Blink-182 outfit is that you don’t really have to think too much about accessorizing too heavily and simply rock up in this dress!

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8. Leopard slit midi dress

This is another dress idea if you’re not sure about wearing leather in the heat. This midi dress is the perfect dress to wear if you want something breathable, easy to dance around in, and super cute. Then, to offset the femininity of the dress itself, wear a comfortable pair of combat boots!

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9. Black bra, mesh top, and leather mini skirt with slit

If someone were looking for a Blink-182 concert outfit that screamed punk, femininity, fashion, and sexiness all at once, I would point them to this outfit. I love the combination of the black bra with the mesh top. the leather mini skirt really pulls the outfit together, but, really, you can wear anything you want underneath if the skirt is not your thing!

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10. Black lace bodysuit and shorts

Probably one of the more classic outfits you’ll see at the Blink-182 outfit is this one with a bodysuit of some kind paired with shorts. But just because this is a classic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your own spin on it with this sexy black lace bodysuit!

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11. Pink corset top and black low-waisted skirt

If you want to go the more Y2K route, this is a great outfit to consider! Grab a brightly-colored corset top and pair it with a standard black mini skirt. But to make it Y2K, don’t forget to wear it low-waisted!

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12. Graphic tee and leather mini skirt with slit

Of course, when heading to the Blink-182 concert, one piece of clothing that you’ll find in a lot of other outfits is a graphic tee of some sort. After all, what better time to style a graphic tee than at a punk-rock concert? To recreate this outfit, pair the graphic tee with a leather mini skirt with slit.

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13. Oversized graphic tee with mesh long sleeves

Another awesome way to style a graphic tee is to grab an oversized one that you can wear as a dress. And instead of simply wearing the graphic tee on its own, wear a mesh long-sleeved top underneath!

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14. Oversized graphic tee, shorts, and fun knee-high boots

This is another great oversized graphic tee look. But don’t worry if your graphic tee doesn’t quite cover you, as you can still wear a pair of shorts underneath. But the fun part of this outfit is your shoes! Wear fun-colored knee-high boots to complete your super chic Blink-182 concert outfit!

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15. Cropped baby tee, red leather skirt, and fishnet stockings

Channel an Olivia Rodrigo outfit with this look! Although all the outfit pieces ooze different vibes, the super cute cropped baby tee paired with some sexy fishnet stockings and a red leather skirt really go together to create the perfect punk-rock outfit!

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16. Graphic tee, leopard top, and denim shorts

There’s something about wearing a graphic tee with a leopard top that really shouldn’t go together but work in some strange way! If you’re looking for an outfit that’s a little more out there, this is for you!

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17. Black tube top and biker shorts

For the fitness girlies, I’ve got you covered as well! One of my favorite easy outfits is wearing a cute black top with my favorite black biker shorts. As long as you accessorize right, this outfit will look super put together! And the best part is, you’ll be super comfortable!

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18. Sparkly mesh top and leather mini skirt

One way to really stand out from the crowd is to wear something with sparkles, like this sparkly mesh top! Don’t forget to wear a black bra or bralette underneath. Pair this top with a cute leather mini skirt and wear some comfy shoes to top it off.

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19. Black crop top, mini skirt, and oversized leather jacket

This is probably one of my favorite Blink-182 concert outfits. To recreate it, wear a black crop top and a mini skirt. Then, grab an oversized leather jacket to wear on top. And don’t worry; if it’s a bit too hot to rock that oversized leather jacket, the black crop top and mini skirt work super well on their own, too!

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20. Graphic tank and leopard mini skirt with belt

If you’re not afraid to play with some color and patterns, you should try out this concert outfit! For this look, grab a cropped graphic tee or tank (you can cut it yourself as needed) and pair it with a cute leopard mini skirt! Tie a belt around your waist to pull the look together

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Wrapping up

And there you have it! The above are my 20 Blink-182 concert outfit ideas so that you can stand out from the crowd. However, if you’re not 100% sold on any of the outfits above, don’t fret! I hope that at least you have enough inspiration to create your own Blink-182 concert outfit so that you can feel confident enough to rock out all night!

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